The Dirty on and TheDirtycom army

The Dirty on and TheDirtycom army

The Dirty on and TheDirtycom army

Has someone posted a false story or horrible lies about you online?

Then it’s time you…

You’ll Never Have to Worry About Someone Stealing YOUR

Pictures and Videos from YOUR Social Media Profiles EVER Again!

Don’t Let Online Bullies Destroy Your Personal Life!


Do you remember the media frenzy when private nude photos of Scarlett Johansson were being rapidly posted on dozens of various websites across the world in what seemed like a few minutes?

Do you also remember how within 24 hours those same websites were scrambling to remove the same humiliating photos as if they contained some sort of deadly skin-eating plague?

How would YOU feel if embarrassing pictures and videos that were STOLEN from you could ALSO be removed with such lightning speed?

Perhaps you’ve seen other people get posted on websites such as, only to have those exact same posts disappear by the next day…while the posts filled with lies and insults containing YOUR photos remained behind despite you sending dozens (or hundreds) of requests to be removed…

Well it’s time YOU found out the exact same secrets to getting websites to take action–FAST!

Don’t Let Online Bullies Destroy Your Personal Life!

Online Bullying Has Reached An All-Time High

Whether it is a jealous co-worker, an envious classmate, the ex-girlfriend or boyfriend of your current partner…or perhaps it is YOUR ex-girlfriend or boyfriend…the fact is untrue rumors and cruel lies are being posted online at a disgustingly increasing rate.

Perhaps it’s seeing the impact the negative attention has on your life that they crave…maybe it’s seeing the destruction of your personal relationships with friends or family…who knows…

What we DO know, however,  is that these awful lies and false stories can be truly devastating–especially when others begin to believe them.

In fact the alarming increase in such online bullying–which has unfortunately led to an increase in suicides as a result–has prompted day-time TV talk shows to even devote complete episodes to the subject (as seen on Dr. Phil, Anderson Cooper, etc.)

Don’t Let Online Bullies Destroy Your Personal Life!

Here’s What I Realized That Changed Everything!

You see, in order for someone to truly be able to humiliate you online–to an audience of people who have no idea who you arethey really need to be able to show a picture or video of you in order for anyone to care…otherwise you just become another random name on a screen.

Which does no good in making them feel better about making you feel like…well…you know how it makes you feel (and that negative feeling is exactly what they were hoping to make you feel).

So typically a cyber-bully will creep their way on to your Facebook or Twitter profile to grab some “embarrassing” or unflattering pictures of you–ideally looking your worst–and then proceed to place those pictures on other websites along with fake stories and lies about you…so  now other people can put a face to the fake story.

But how can you stop cyber-bullies from doing this to you? And what if they already HAVE done this to you?

Don’t Let Online Bullies Destroy Your Personal Life!

Introducing the Solution You’ve Been Looking For!


Don’t Let Online Bullies Destroy Your Personal Life!


Inside This Report You’ll Discover:

  • How to get embarrassing, cruel, and blatant lies containing your pictures or videos  removed almost instantly from (this means you will NEVER have to worry again about your supposed “friends” stealing pictures of you from other websites)
  • How online bullying websites like are able to legally post lies and cruel comments about you without fear of getting into trouble (this one legal loophole allows them to thrive while your personal life crumbles)
  • How to use the above legal loophole AGAINST TheDirtycom to make the website’s owners tremble in fear at the thought of ever posting your photos or videos without your permission ever again (and without being able to post an embarrassing or compromising  picture or video of you up on the website…what point is there to talk about you? NONE!)
  • A covert, ninja-like secret to LEGALLY FORCE to reveal the EXACT identity of The Dirty Army member–or it may even be someone close to you–that submitted your picture(s) or video to (this will not only force the website to reveal who they are…but you’ll ALSO get to know exactly where they LIVE!)
  • What the REAL reason is that makes websites like ignore your “please take me off” requests (this one fact alone will blow your mind…it’s disgusting and  proof of it will be revealed to you)
  • How YOU can get–and similar gossip websitesto PAY YOU thousands, perhaps even millions, of dollars for posting your pictures and videos on the internet without your permission (you’ve heard about the multimillion dollar lawsuits…now you’ll learn what they knew that you currently do not)
  • The SIX must have things you NEED to do in order to be removed from any website that is posting your pictures and videos without your permission (miss even ONE of these items and you can kiss any chance you have of getting an awful post taken down goodbye)
  • A copy-and-paste template of “the magic words” you need to say in order to get to finally take you seriously and remove your post FAST! (You’ll even get a step-by-step walk-through to make sure you don’t miss a single one)
  • The BIGGEST mistakes people make when asking for their posts to be removed from that results in their requests being ignored (and unfortunately every day that passes while you wait results in more and more people reading the disgusting lies being made about you)
  • The very important problems you MUST WATCH OUT FOR when requesting your content be removed from (fail to pay attention to this advice could result in you being sued for trying to STOP someone else from spreading lies about you!)
  • How YOU can get PAID to help other people get their stolen private pictures and videos removed from and other social media websites (if you’ve been looking for a way to earn some extra spending money without doing any additional work you will LOVE this!)
  • and much much MORE!


Don’t Let Online Bullies Destroy Your Personal Life!

Limited Time FREE BONUSES!

For a limited time only you will ALSO get the following FREE bonuses when you grab your copy of the Getting Off The Dirty Report today!

Don’t Let Online Bullies Destroy Your Personal Life!

Discover How to Take Down the Videos Ripping YOU Off ($17 value)

If you have had photos, graphics, videos, or audio files uploaded by someone else to YouTube–without your permission–then you’ll be given the exact information you need to get what is rightfully yours taken down as soon as possible.

Whether it’s a song you wrote, a clip you recorded, or a graphic that was briefly shown in someone else’s video…it will be removed if it rightfully belongs to you.

Fight the Fakers! How to Stop Facebook Picture Theft ($17 value)

If you have ever found out about a fake Facebook account in existence that was meant to cause pain or embarrassment in YOUR personal (or professional) life then you know how vital it is to have such accounts removed fast!

Unfortunately, you may have also realized how painfully long and disappointing it can be to wait for Facebook to take action (if any) to remove a fake account that is using pictures stolen from your profile.

In this FREE bonus section you will learn:

  • Why reporting fake accounts on Facebook is useless (unless its pornographic in nature Facebook does not quickly respond to most reports)
  • What you MUST do in order to get Facebook to pay attention to you and finally remove your stolen pictures from fake profiles
  • How to force someone who has posted YOUR pictures and videos in THEIR album to remove them or face serious consequences
  • and much much MORE!

Hiring a Lawyer Can Cost You THOUSANDS of Dollars

Sure, you COULD  pay hundreds (even thousands) of dollars to a high-priced lawyer to fight your online bullying battles for you…but why do that if you don’t have to?

Life is tough for all of us right now…and spending tons of money on a lawyer instead of on your own family (or even just yourself) is NOT the best use of your hard-earned money.

Instead, let me walk you through the proven process for getting awful posts about you removed from disgusting gossip websites so that you can finally have the confidence and independence to get the exact same results a lawyer would…but for mere pennies compared to what they would cost you!

Don’t Let Online Bullies Destroy Your Personal Life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will This Definitely Remove the Post About Me From

The best way to think of it is like this:

If someone else takes a picture of you and then uploads it to The Dirty (or some other site) YOU have no right to tell the OWNER of that picture what they can and can’t do with that picture (assuming it was taken in a public place where there was no expectation of privacy–like a washroom vs a swimming pool for example)

Now while that is unfortunate if it happens, at least you can attempt to identify who OWNS (i.e. took the picture) and then you can easily take them to court for defamation / slander due to the comments they made about you using a public medium (you will need to confirm this will a legal authority in your area)

Chances are whomever is looking to embarrass you or ruin your life is not going to be that dumb however…and will probably just take a picture they found of you off of another website…

Now if you (or someone you know) OWNS that picture and someone ELSE finds it online and then uses it WITHOUT your permission then you CAN tell them what can and can’t be done with that photo because it belongs to you.

If you want it taken down…then that’s your RIGHT as the OWNER of the picture/video since the person that uploaded it would have STOLEN your picture/video without your permission.It’s the same reason artists have sued movie producers for using their images in a movie without asking first etc.

So yes…long story short: If neither you (or the owner of the picture/video) gave anyone permission to upload pictures to The Dirty…then you WILL be able to use the information in this report to get them down (or have The Dirty pay you a lot of money…whichever, heh).

How Do I Know My Credit Card Information Is Safe If I Buy Your Report?

All payments are made securely through for payment transactions. No credit card information is ever shown or stored on this website.

So YES, your information is completely secure!

Will My Wife, Husband or Parents See This Website On My Credit Card Statement?


As mentioned above, all payments are through’s servers. Your credit card and bank statements will only show a payment made to an account on ClickBank but NOT the exact website the payment was made from.

You’ll just need to come up with a creative answer (IF asked) as to what the ClickBank payment was for.

What Happens After I Pay?

After your payment has been completed you will be directed to a page to register your access to the material.

You will then be given instant access to the PDF and text file documents mentioned above which you can download.

A registration email will also arrive within 5 minutes or so to your email inbox with the login details you create in case you lose it.

Do You Take Down the Picture(s) for Me?

No. If I had to handle all the orders myself I would have to charge a lot more. You are paying for the step-by-step breakdown for how to do exactly the same thing other companies charge hundreds of dollars for. It’s not that hard.

You’ll have no problem doing it yourself. No matter what you can always ask for your money back if you aren’t happy with your results.

Don’t Let Online Bullies Destroy Your Personal Life!

In Case You Were Wondering: No, This is NOT a Scam!

So to Put Your Fears of Being “Ripped Off” to Rest…

Because the last thing that should cause you (or your loved ones) to spend any additional time being humiliated, embarrassed and bullied online is fear of losing a couple dollars…let me remove that from your mind completely.

Don’t Let Online Bullies Destroy Your Personal Life!

But Act Fast! This Site May Be Gone Soon!

I’m already under pressure from various members of The Dirty Army to take DOWN this report as it may result in the “fun” of The Dirty being ruined for them…

So IF you truly want to have the embarrassing, humiliating, cruel, and blatantly made up lies about you removed from their website…this report WILL help you get your stolen images and videos taken down in a heartbeat…but ONLY if you click on the button below to order your copy before it’s too late.

After you’ve ordered the report you will be INSTANTLY taken to the download area where you can access the report AND the FREE bonus files (if you order it today):

Don’t Let Online Bullies Destroy Your Personal Life!

Click the Order Button Below for Your
Instant Access to This Incredible Package!


How to Get Off TheDirty Report



*** $87 Value – Special Discount Today of Only $7  ***

Take Action Before Potential Employers or Your Own Family See the Lies About You!

I hope you take action and join the thousands of other successful ex-victims who’ve been shown this secret to regain control of their online and offline identity!

Oh, and sometimes it can take up to 72 hours to get a post removed depending on if happens to be the weekend, National Holidays, etc. but regardless–your stolen pictures and video WILL come down ASAP by following the steps in this report!


Matthew E.

The Dirty on and TheDirtycom army

The Dirty on and TheDirtycom army

The Dirty on and TheDirtycom army

Don’t Let Online Bullies Destroy Your Personal Life!


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